Thursday, June 5, 2014

How To Activate Inapp Translator Premium Account

Step 1. Sign in and Register.

If you have account, sign in. Otherwise, you need to sign up for new account to get your free translation.

If you already have an active E-mail account in any servers ( Gmail, Yahoo, or your own), you can enter your current E-mail as Username.

2.  Get the Token
After signing in, you will be prompted to accept terms and click on REGISTER:

And then click on SIGN UP:

Go to the end of page to find “Register Your Application”:

Getting your Client ID and Secret
Create your Client ID and Secret. Remember these values, since you will later put them in the Inapp Translator. Just note that the Secret must be more than 20 characters long. when you finish, click on CREATE.

3. Activate your premium account
Copy your Client ID and Secret in the respective fields in the Inapp Translator and Submit it:

Now you are ready to use this unique floating translator application. Enjoy!